Croatian Dairy Purchasers and Processors Association

About us

Croatian Dairy Purchasers and Processors Association CroMilk is the independent professional association founded 2013 from the leading dairy companies in Republic of Croatia, with the goal to promote and protect of their common interest and with the mission of providing dynamic leadership and support to the all participants of the Croatian dairy processing sector, trough creation of the preconditions and the favourable environment for the sustainable business of the processors of milk and for the fair and successful market match.

The association also cooperate with similar relevant national and international associations and institutions in dairy sector on the goal of overall strengthening of all aspects of the competitiveness and sustainability of the dairy sector.

The European Dairy Association (EDA) is not only the acknowledged voice of the European milk processing industry in Brussels, but also the benchmark for all sector specific organisations in the field of agriculture in creating a European forum for both, high level debates on the future of the European ”lactosphere” and in depth analysis of today's dairy related topics on the European agenda.

EDA is first of all the European milk processors' platform for exchange throughout all parts of Europe and across all types of dairy companies, cooperatives and privately-owned dairies, world dairy leaders and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

From the beginning of work, Croatian Dairy Purchasers and Processors Association CroMilk is Member of European Dairy Association.


435.606 t

During 2019, a total of 435,606 tons of cow's milk was purchased, what is 4% less than in the same period last year.

Milk delivery in 2019

In September 2020, the share of first grade raw cows milk was 95,3% in the total quantity of delivered milk to dairies.

Share of first grade raw milk-September 2020

From January to December 2019, 82% of cow’s milk was processed into drinking milk and fermented dairy products.

Production of drinking milk and fermented dairy products in 2019
365.185 t

From January to October 2020 were purchased 365.185 tons of cow's milk.

Milk delivery from January to October 2020